Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adding track lighting to your Sunroom

How you decide to light your SunPorch or ShadePorch sunroom kit can go a long way to creating a more enjoyable living space. In addition to making things brighter, well-designed lighting plays an important part in creating a comfortable atmosphere.

While there are many lighting choices, one solution is track lighting. With a track lighting system, individual lamps, or lighting heads, fit into tracks secured to your SunPorch or ShadePorch roof rafters. Because you install the tracks to suit your space, you end up with a custom configuration that's tailored to your needs. And once the track lighting is mounted, the lamps can be re-positioned along the tracks to vary the lighting effect.

When mounting track lighting in your SunPorch or ShadePorch, mount the tracks on the full-width roof rafters, not the 3 foot horizontal mullions.  This will give you greater space to work. The track also doubles as a conduit to hide the wiring.

The track lighting shown below is an 8 foot linear track (straight line) purchased for $60 per track.

(click images to view larger photo)

Mount your track lighting on the full-width roof rafters which
are thicker than the 3 foot horizontal rafters.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Helpful tips for receiving a SunPorch or ShadePorch Shipment

Many of our customers ask about receiving shipment of their new SunPorch or ShadePorch sunroom kit. The SunPorch factory in Louisville, KY sent a truckload of orders (about 6 orders) to the Connecticut warehouse for local customers in the Connecticut area.

The photos below show several orders but you can pick out what a single order looks like by viewing the color coded labels. Here are a few tips about receiving your SunPorch or ShadePorch order:

  1. Have a digital camera with you to take photos of any boxes that might be damaged. In the unlikely event there are damages, photos of damaged boxes or parts help us get you replacement parts quickly if necessary.
  2. The boxes are heavy weight ISO certified boxes and designed to take damage. So, if you do see damages to the boxes, it's a good chance that your SunPorch or ShadePorch is unharmed. But, damaged boxes provide a clue as to which boxes to examine first. 
  3. The heaviest box we ship is 135 lbs and is one of the smaller boxes because it's all metal. 
  4. Each box is packed so it can be easily moved by two people.
  5. White Glove delivery is included in all freight costs. That means the truck driver helps you to unload the truck and bring the boxes to your garage (or where you plan to store the room until you are ready to build it). Keep in mind that there is only ONE truck driver so you will need at least one person who can move or carry boxes when you receive your shipment.
  6. The delivery company will call you to make an appointment for delivery and require an 8 hour window.
  7.  If you are hiring a contractor or handy man to install/ assemble your SunPorch or ShadePorch, arrange to take delivery about 2 weeks before they begin the project. This will allow our factory to replace any damaged parts before the scheduled install. 
  8. Don't forget to plan for recycling of the empty boxes at your local transfer station.
  9. SunPorch also asks that you recycle some of the packaging material by shipping it back to SunPorch. We provide an empty box with pre-paid UPS label. 
  10. If you have any questions about receiving a SunPorch or ShadePorch shipment that is not addressed here, feel free to contact your SunPorch representative or by calling our toll-free number at 1-800-221-2550. 

Four separate SunPorch and ShadePorch orders are
visible in this photo distinguished by their color coded labels. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SunPorch ❤ Surveys

Here's a little known secret about SunPorch Sunrooms... we love surveys! About 3 months after we ship one of our award winning sunroom kits to an excited home owner, we send a survey questionnaire. We learn, listen and many of our new product ideas actually come from our customers.

Did you know that the ShadePorch® Sunroom was a customer idea?

Below is the latest survey result we would like to share. Any guesses at what the "other" category is? What would you use your SunPorch for?

(Click on graphic to view larger image)