Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Floor to ceiling Easy-Slide windows with 30% more ventilation will keep you cool

Our floor to ceiling Easy-Slide windows with 30% more ventilation will keep you cool. 

Our Easy-Slide windows and BetterVue® screens are a design breakthrough. Both the top and bottom effortlessly glide open to reveal floor-to-ceiling permanently mounted screens. Or, remove the windows to create a full height screenroom.

They operate so easily and quickly that you can go from sunroom to screenroom in just seconds. You’ll be amazed at the transformation.

Adjust air-flow to your personal comfort.  Our Easy-Slide windows have four individual settings for each window....allowing you to go from fully open to partially open depending on the amount of air circulation you prefer.

BetterVue screens have greater air-flow and visibility

A crystal clear view from your sunroom that’s completely safe and shatterproof.  The Duraplex wall glazing is 40x stronger than glass.  This way you can enjoy the views of your garden, nature, the family from the comfort of your screenroom.  In addition, it protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  

The illustration above shows how much you can open the windows in your sunroom and get lots of fresh air in your house on warm days.  The typical patio room (as shown at right) has solid walls with reduced circulation and views. 

High quality designed and tested windows
We use only high quality, made in the USA hardware and glazing in our windows. Window frames are heavy duty aluminum with double wool pile weather stripping. The Duraplex® acrylic glazing is rigid, safe, lightweight, durable, impact resistant and durable to weather.  

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